Thursday, October 9, 2008


I crossed the street from the post office fully loaded with Netflix movies (unsubscribe!, repeat, unsubscribe!), Starbucks coffee (smells great!), AT&T bill (please let it not be another bill for $0.00 - "do not send any money"; that just plain confuses and scares me).

Riding shotgun in the car at the cross-walk, stretched from passenger seat with nose pressed against windshield was this totally cute terrier, fluffy white hair and big brown puppy-dog eyes (the genuine article no less).

That was the first thought through my head.

Next thought: cute Fluffy should meet shinny bathtub.

Next thought: Fluffy's midsection is awwwwfully close to where the airbag explodes from. No, not close to, resting against.

Last thought: sunroof.

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